Delhi Delicacies
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Indians, for geographical, agricultural and hence habitual reasons savour spicy food and sweets of various kind. Delhi being a conglomerate of different cultures can serve people with a Bengali preparation of rassogollas, sandesh, north Indian sweet phirni, kheer, peda, laddoo or Punjabi delicacy pinni.


Delhi is proud of the road side dhabas and restaurants it has. Old Delhi boasts of food joints almost a century old like the 'Karims'. The most popular cuisine is mughlai. The food is cooked in the clay ovens or the 'tandoors'. The dishes include 'korma' or pot roasts, 'kababs', and 'biriyanis'. The best of south Indian food --dosas, idilies, uttapams etc-- can be had at the Sagar Group of Restaurants, Andhra Bhavan and Udupi. Half of the Delhi population consists of Punjabis, owing to the vicinity of Punjab and having Pakistani immigrants. Thus the abundance of Punjabi food which is a mixture of vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations. Its speciality is that it has high oil content and includes milk preparations too. Of this Delhi is famous for Chaat and Kulche , Bhalle etc.


Then there is North Indian traditional `pucca ' or `kutcha ' food which is essentially vegetarian; ought to be cooked with highest degree of hygiene ; basic difference between the two is fried and non fried ; tastes best when an Indian housewife cooks and serves with affection.


Of course , globalisation has brought MNCs like KFC and Mc Donalds to India , there are Nirula's and Wimpy's in league with them . The five star hotels like Maurya, Taj, Oberio, Park, Ashoka, and others serve Chinese , Continental , Thai , Mughlai and Indian cuisines.

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