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India has a myriad combination of people…Food habits vary from one region to the other spices differ, the way of cooking changes as you travel from one state to the other. Indian food has evolved over centuries and has flourished under the many rulers that India had. Chefs vied with one another to create exotic delicacies for their rajah's. The result is centuries of patronage to the art of cooking and a large repertoire of delicious recipes. We want to share the history and nuances of Indian cuisine so the world may be more intimate with our cuisine.

We have tried to capture several sumptuous recipes illustrating the multifarious culinary heritage of a vast land called India. A stylish collection of stunning recipes from the most popular areas of India: the Punjab, Kerala, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Goa. Delight in the rich flavours of such tantalising dishes as Dosas (crispy rice pancakes), several dishes of milk and yoghurt, Paneer chat (a spicy fresh cheese snack with a mixture of tomatoes, onions and chillies as the topping), several festival dishes and recipes, flavoured and garnished. We have tried to capture the handed-down secrets of the regions' experts or the ordinary villager's humble, but equally delicious, repertoire of home-cooked dishes. With Discovery of India as our guide, let us we discover the history and culture unique to each region in these beautifully illustrated pages, and savour the aromas and subtle spice blends of this huge subcontinent in the cool comfort of our own home.

Indian Cuisine is becoming popular due to its exotic flavors and healthful preparations. The repertoire of Indian Cuisine is vast. Indian cuisine is gaining popularity around globe. It is easy to prepare, tasty and it's mainstay is grains which is what people want today. They want meals that are high in carbohydrates, have ample amounts of a variety of vegetables and contain complete proteins and sparse amounts of Indian food provides this and more - it also has the health promoting properties of various herbs, ginger and spices. Yogurt, an accompaniment to Indian meals introduces good flora (acidophilus) into the digestive system. Most of our menus are vegetarian, which tend to be more alkaline than non-vegetarian menus. Fresh fruit follows Indian meals, which also contributes to an alkaline balance.

Indian cuisine saves time. Many items can be cooked in crockpots, in a pressure cooker or in electric pans. Beans can be soaked overnight. The whole wheat dough for chappatis and rotis can be made ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator. Full menus can be prepared within half an hour. Indian Cuisine is also very easy to prepare and we have included many easy recipes of healthy and delicious Indian cuisines.

Spices are an integral part of Indian food. This does not mean that Indian dishes are always hot. It does mean that they are well seasoned and aromatic. There are some hot dishes especially in the South of India, but, overall the dishes of India are skillfully prepared with the cook having a mastery over the properties of spices and how they are blended. The cook will use cooling spices as well as warming spices, bland spices as well as pungent spices, sweet spices as well as hot spices. The cook will also use spices for color and healthful properties. Most cooks in India also know how to use spices seasonally. In everyday cooking in India spices are used very sparingly or the dishes are seasoned with very few spices and are supplemented with fresh herbal seasonings.

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