Food Recipes (Indian Food Recipes, Continental Food Recipes, Chinese Food Recipes)

You will find all sort of food recipes on this site. You can go through different section of the site to find information about different foods such as Indian food, chinese food, maxican food, spanish food and all other continental foods.

Every country, every region has a number of famous and distinctive cuisines associated with it. This section of food recipes contains collection of recipes of popular Indian & international regional cuisines. In Indian food recipes you can find north indian food recipes, south indian food recipes, goan recipes, maharashtrian recipes, bengali recipes, hyderabadi recipes, rajasthani recipes, punjabi recipes gujarati recipes, sindhi recipes awadhi recipes, kashmiri recipes etc. all classified and displayed under their respective sections. International recipes are categorised like american recipes, mediterranean food recipes, chinese food recipes, malaysian food recipes, thai food recipes, french food recipes etc. These regional recipes carry the distinct flavour of the food of that particular region and introduce you to the culture of that region through its food.

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