Travel dos and don'ts - Travel Tips & Checklist


When we visit any tourist place or tourist spots, being a responsible tourist there are few things which we should always remember and follow to keep the place in good condition. These tips and checklists will always help us to play as a responsible traveller and tourist.

Some Do's and Dont's at tourist places/spots

  • Avoid use of polythene bags. If you are carrying any with you please don't leave it at the destination you are visiting. Bring it back with you.
  • Don't take out plant saplings. Doing so is disturbing the natural climate and growth of vegetation and we might be making some of the plant varieties endangered.
  • Don't damage flora (vegetation and plants etc.) and fauna (insects, animals etc.) of the tourist destination you are visiting.
  • Do respect the culture, rituals and religion of the people and inhabitants of the tourist destination and places visited by you. Maintain the sanctity of any religious place we visit.
  • Don't write on the walls, pillars, floor and roof etc. of any monument etc. visited by you.
  • Don't carve and engrave anything on the stems of trees at any place.
  • If visiting any Wildlife Sanctuary, National park or jungle etc. please wear clothes of nature colours like green, khaki, etc. same as worn by forest rangers. Distracting bright and un-natural colours and outfits can create panic among animals.
  • Don't shout and play stereo etc. at any Wildlife Sanctuary, National Park etc.
  • Don't carry stones etc. from any river bank, Dam, water resource etc.
  • Don't litter. Through garbage at places made for that else simply carry your garbage with you. Don't through it anywhere.

List of travel tips

If you have any travel tips, which you like to share with other travellers, please do send us. We'll be pleased to include your travel tips and experiences in our travel tips and checklists.

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